Children's Reference Bundle
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Three Children's Reference Titles In One
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  Explore the expertly rendered 3-D model of Mir, even travel to the Moon's mysterious dark side and scan hundreds of unexplored craters. Interactive animations, 3-D models, and unique video clips from NASA give you the ultimate journey into outer space. The program also includes the Star Dome, a "Virtual planetarium" in which you can observe the night sky from anywhere on earth at any point in time. Test your skill at landing a lunar module or launch a rocket into space. Encyclopedia includes the history of space travel, astronauts, astrophysics, the solar system, stars, comets and cosmology.
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  An updated, enhanced version of the award-winning original CD-ROM, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature 2.0 is unique - not just a complete reference to the natural sciences, but a compelling interactive experience, too. Perfect for students, naturalists, or for anyone interested in live on Earth in all its glorious diversity, Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Nature 2.0 is the essential comprehensive CD-ROM guide to the world of nature.
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  Explore the Full Range of Science More than just an upgrade and update to the acclaimed original version, The Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science 2.0 adds exciting new features and includes greatly expanded content, too, totaling more than 750,000 words...Overall you will find 1,000 new in-depth articles that make The Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science 2.0 the most useful interactive reference to the scientific world for all users aged 12 and up. Scores of new screens let you explore fast-developing areas of science such as particle physics, chaos theory, and gene technology.